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Who Should Not Have Laser Vision Correction?

Who Should Not Have Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Vision Correction is an incredibly effective solution for those seeking better vision without external aids, but it requires ruling out disqualifying preconditions first. At The Cataract Surgeons’ Shreveport-area eye care clinics, we conduct rigorous prescreening to ensure every patient receives the most superior eye care and the best possible outcome. We’ll briefly explain how… Read More

Getting LASIK after Cataract Surgery

LASIK after Cataract Surgery

  The number of people suffering from cataracts will reach 50 million by 2050. Every year about 3 million people successfully get rid of cataracts through surgery. The surgeries are highly successful, but a small percentage require LASIK to avoid glasses and contacts after cataract surgery. Laser technology is the most commonly employed to rectify… Read More

6 More Common Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery

6 common questions about LASIK eye surgery - The Cataract Surgeons

LASIK is a widely common and highly effective eye surgery that can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, it’s important that you feel you are making a confident and informed decision. Having questions about the procedure, recovery, and more is expected. We’ve created a quick guide to answer six of… Read More

What to Expect with Cataract Surgery

Side by side comparison of having cataracts and healthy eyes. The Cataract Surgeons.

Cataract surgery is a quick, effective, and painless eye surgery that targets vision problems caused by cataracts. For 90% of individuals that undergo cataract surgery, the procedure is successful – and they experience measurable improvements in their vision. Our guide can help you make a confident and informed decision if you are considering cataract surgery…. Read More

How Long Will PRK Results Last?

prk eye surgery results

Until something threatens your eyesight, you’ll probably keep taking it for granted. Getting your eyes checked is something that probably never crossed your mind before. But for a fact, there is no best quality of life without excellent eyesight.   At WK Eye Institute, we take pride in serving the greater Shreveport area by delivering top-tier… Read More

What is Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) Eye Surgery?

Do you have a problem with your vision that’s interfering with daily life? Then you may be considering eye surgery. Eye surgery offers long-term benefits and effective results for individuals who want to see better. Here at WK Eye Institute, we want to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is intact. Today we’re… Read More

Understanding Laser Eye Surgery

Though the origins of laser eye surgery date back nearly fifty years, the constant improvements have resulted in less pain, shorter downtime, and increased visual benefits for patients. How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work? Laser eye surgery has helped millions of people be able to eliminate the need for cumbersome glasses or contacts. There are… Read More

Cataract Surgery Recovery: 8 Tips to Minimize Recovery Time

Doctor operating on patients eye for cataract surgery

If you are looking forward to successful cataract surgery in Shreveport, LA, you may wonder how long recovery takes. The great news is that cataract surgery is almost painless, and recovery is seamless with the proper medication. Experienced cataract surgeons Dr. Christopher L. Shelby and Dr. Wyche T. Coleman III recommend the following tips for… Read More

10 Things to Know About Cataract Surgery

everything you need to know about cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is a short but transformative procedure that dramatically enhances the quality of life for patients. Demand for cataract surgery continues to grow across Louisiana and worldwide, with some researchers forecasting growth of up to 144 percent by the year 2036. If you are thinking about having cataract surgery in Shreveport, LA, it is… Read More

6 Common Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery

A patient receives LASIK eye surgery from The Cataract Surgeons

About 30% of the world’s population suffers from vision impairment. Millions of adults wear glasses and contact lenses all their lives without exploring effective treatment options. For over 20 years, LASIK eye surgery has been changing the way people see the world. Taking advantage of this treatment makes it possible to increase your quality of… Read More