Who Shouldn’t Have Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

Who Should Not Have Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Vision Correction is an incredibly effective solution for those seeking better vision without external aids, but it requires ruling out disqualifying preconditions first. At The Cataract Surgeons’ Shreveport-area eye care clinics, we conduct rigorous prescreening to ensure every patient receives the most superior eye care and the best possible outcome. We’ll briefly explain how to determine if Laser Vision Correction is right for you.

Who Should Not Have Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

Under 18 Years of Age

The eye changes its shape over time, and that’s especially true during youth. Because of this, Laser Vision Correction should only be performed on adults.

Pregnant or Nursing

Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy are incredibly sophisticated and can result in short-term vision changes, such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. During breastfeeding, it’s not uncommon for women to experience dry eyes, which would slow the post-op healing process.

Taking Certain Prescription Medications

Certain pharmaceuticals (and recreational drugs) also cause eye dryness. Immunosuppressant drugs are especially risky because a weakened immune system could register damaged eye tissue as a foreign pathogen – and that’s especially true of artificial lenses.

Our team of experts will help in determining whether you are a good fit with your current medication.

Vision Fluctuations

Having stable eye health is essential. Laser Vision Correction must only be performed on patients with known, reasonably stable eye conditions.

Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes could make someone ineligible. If the eyes aren’t naturally moist, it not only slows healing but also risks allowing the newly reshaped cornea to malform. There are workarounds to dry eyes (such as surgically opening the tear ducts), but this doesn’t eliminate the risks or address the root cause.

Who Is a Laser Vision Correction Candidate?

Not all Laser Vision Correction surgeries are the same, meaning there may be an option for you even if certain factors are at play. Generally, though, anyone who’s free of the conditions listed above qualifies for one of our three types of Laser Vision Correction:

  • LASIK Laser Vision Correction
  • SMILE® Laser Vision Correction
  • PRK Refractive Eye Surgery

The fastest way to be sure you’re a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction is to reach out and schedule a free screening at any of our Shreveport-area eye care clinics. Our experienced cataract surgery and Laser Vision Correction specialists can conduct a thorough evaluation and tell you if you prequalify for our laser treatment services or some other alternative.

Schedule an Eye Exam at The Cataract Surgeons in Shreveport

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