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Ora Machine

  • WK eye surgery center is the first to make the ORA technology available in north Louisiana.
  • After the cataract is removed a new lens implant must be placed.
  • Your surgeon must select the precise lens power from a multitude of options to give clear vision without glasses following cataract surgery.
  • The ORA system provides us with the best method available today for determining that lens power.
  • For a much higher degree of accuracy in lens power selection, ORA takes about 2 seconds to measure your eye during surgery after the cataract is removed.
  • Choosing the correct lens to place in eye after cataract removal is critical to having extremely clear vision.    –
  • The ORA is a dream come true, especially for RK, LASIK, and PRK patients as lens power calculation for cataract surgery is notoriously difficult.
  • The revolutionary ORA proves invaluable to achieve a higher likelihood of excellent vision without glasses following cataract surgery.