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The Most Advanced Technology in the World

AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® +3.0 D Multipiece Multifocal IOL


AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® +3.0 D Multifocal IOL is available in a multi-piece option (MN6AD1)

  • Suggested A-constant is 119.2 for capsular bag placement
  • Multi-piece design
    – Available in 6.0-30.0 D in half diopter
    – Available in 31.0-34.0 D in whole diopter
  • Apodized diffractive optic identical to the leading single piece design of the SN6AD1 model.
  • Currently qualified for B-cartridge and Monarch® II injector for implantation


  • LenSx Laser is the most advanced and most widely used cataract surgery laser in the world.
  • WK Eye Surgery Center is the first to make the LenSx technology available in Louisiana.
  • Shelby and Coleman first two laser cataract surgeons in the state and the most experienced.
  • The first truly blameless cataract surgery – critical portions of the procedure are accomplished using laser for a much higher degree of accuracy.
  • Results in better and more precise outcomes especially when using advanced technology lenses, such as multifocal and toric lens.
  • Able to correct low levels of astigmatism using laser at the time of cataract surgery with a level of precision never seen before.

ORA Machine

  • WK eye surgery center is the first to make the ORA technology available in north Louisiana.
  • After the cataract is removed a new lens implant must be placed.
  • Your surgeon must select the precise lens power from a multitude of options to give clear vision without glasses following cataract surgery.
  • The ORA system provides us with the best method available today for determining that lens power.
  • For a much higher degree of accuracy in lens power selection, ORA takes about 2 seconds to measure your eye during surgery after the cataract is removed.
  • Choosing the correct lens to place in eye after cataract removal is critical to having extremely clear vision.    –
  • The ORA is a dream come true, especially for RK, LASIK, and PRK patients as lens power calculation for cataract surgery is notoriously difficult.
  • The revolutionary ORA proves invaluable to achieve a higher likelihood of excellent vision without glasses following cataract surgery.

Centurion Vision System

  • WK eye surgery center is the first to make the Centurion technology available in north Louisiana.
  • Centurion is the most advanced cataract surgery ultrasound system in history.
  • Provides faster and more efficient cataract removal, shorter recovery time and less swelling and inflammation of the eye following surgery.
  • A shorter surgery time leads to greater patient comfort and less recover time after surgery.
  • The increased stability when removing cataract leads to lower complication rates and more precise outcomes.